The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation Donates Millions to the Arts

Dick DeVos seems like a humble person. His upbringing was the catalyst for his continuous generosity. He has been married to his wife Betsy for thirty years, that union produced seven children. Born October 21st, 1955, in Grand Rapids Michigan He graduated from Forest Hills Public School, then attended Northwood University, earning a Bachelor degree in business.

He began working in his father’s company, Amway in 1974, holding down a variety of positions. After ten years with the company, he was promoted to Vice President of the International division. This is when the company saw a huge influx of sales,and it surpassed the domestic sales. This was a first for Amway.

In 1991, he left the company briefly to become President and Chief Executive Officer of the Orlando Magic, after his family bought the team. He stayed in that position until 1994. To see his full resume, visit his LinkedIn page for more details.

He believes in giving back to the community, and tends to lend a hand on several occasion, getting involved with groups that assist the helpless and down and out. When the John F Kennedy Performance Arts center wanted to do renovations, he and his wife Betsy donated $1 million to the project. DeVos also works with the disadvantaged children in Michigan, where he give about four thousand scholarships, this also include the aviation academy which began operation in 2010 as the first charter aviation school in the United States. He wanted it to be accessible to everyone; free of charge. DeVos wanted to make sure that each child has a chance to attend. He thinks that is very important. 

DeVos was also involved in the rebuilding of the downtown area of Grand Rapids,Michigan. This project included a downtown arena,a convention center, the heart hospital, medical school and a market, total cost for the entire project was estimated to be $537 million. He consistently uses his personal social media outlets like Twitter and his Facebook page to promote businesses and up and coming members of his local community, cheering them on with posts like the one below.

Exciting! The Gerald R. Ford International Airport begins construction that will improve our local airport and make flying to and from Grand Rapids an even better experience.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Thursday, December 10, 2015

The book he authored,Rediscovering American Values, ended up on the New York times best seller list. This book was published in 1997, now one can find it in seven languages worldwide.

Dick Devos has other interests, he holds both helicopter and airplane licenses. He is involved with The Windquest Group, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is a private investment firm dealing in clean technology, hospitality, manufacturing and nonprofit resolutions. In 2012 he was listed the sixty seventh wealthiest person in the United States of America. His net worth is close to $5.1 billion dollars.

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