Cosmetics Inspiration, Doe Deere

Doe Deere, owner of Lime Crime cosmetics is one of the most famous and artistic entrepreneur of the fashion world. Having her own ways and separate opinions from the rest of the world, she built her identity as Queen of the unicorns, and started her own line of gorgeous colors and shades of cosmetics. Indeed, Doe Deere was the first lady and Lime Crime becomes the first industry, who introduces radical color lipsticks and eyeshades to the market. In other words, with her eccentric mind and thoughts she introduced the concept of oddity to the world.

Doe Deere has a firm belief that breaking fashion and beauty rule is not a sin. You can go against the fashion trend if you believe that what you are adopting and what you are veering off will give you a great sense of joy. It is not particular to remain confined to boundaries that stretched every year by fashion journalists in fashion magazines as they love to print new classical fashion rules, but not necessarily those rules should be loved by you.

Fortunately, Doe Deere, CEO of lime crime cosmetics behold in the same way. Doe Deere has proved that you can look stylish and beautiful by having macron shade hairs and playing with teal shade lipsticks and glittery cosmetics. Doe Deere has her own fashion rules to break; she offered some sound advice for the women here, who are fed up of staying inside the fashion boundaries and recommending breaking these boundaries and adopting at least one of her favorite fashion.

Quite often, it is suggested to go for one bold thing for you at a time, but Doe believes there is no fun in doing that, she prefers to break this rule and go for the one in which her heart feels happy. She said nothing looks better than having blue milk eyeliner with velvet lips at a time.

Rainbow colors do gives an awful look sometimes, but Doe Deere recommendation is to trust your instincts and get go wild with such hues. She thinks a big and unapologetic splash of color is a beautiful thing, and it not only goes with for your clothes, but it can also go for your hair and makeup as well. Blend your unnatural hair color with an appropriate shade of clothing, having rainbow color hair will then not stop you from going splashy with your hues.

About the pattern, Deere said that it’s not peculiar to go for a lot of patterns; instead patterns are fun, just put monochrome-color patterns and compliment them with each other for your ease. Moreover, Deere belief that socks are one of the most beautiful garment with which we can do a lot fun, don’t hide them behind cover shoes. Pick some exciting pair of socks to wear with your heels that look wonderfully stylish with each other.

Furthermore, about age and occasions, Doe has a distinct opinion from the rest of all. It is not necessary to mold your dressing and makeup according to your age. If you like the babyish and girlish dresses at age of 30’s just go for it; age has no concern with it. Similarly, in Deere opinion occasion has also no concern with dressing. You can equally wear gowns and fancy sweaters at any time, don’t wait for the particular occasion just express yourself in the best way you can.

In Doe Deere’s opinion, fashion is wearing and abiding in what makes you happy, just live out loud and enjoy your own creativity and relish your own pleasure.

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