How will Greg Hague Change the Face of America’s Real Estate Sales?

Greg Hague is a ground-breaking real estate repeat entrepreneur according to the Forbes article written about this man and his real estate coaching website called Real Estate Mavericks. He isn’t just a guy that has years in the real estate trenches. He has a one of the most well-rounded backgrounds in the business. An author; a law professor and an attorney makes Greg a believable go-to real estate professional and coach.

His system for selling homes was born out of a keen observance that not many real estate people have. He was quoted as saying : The real estate business hasn’t changed in 75 years”. He went on to say in one of the coaching sessions you can watch a part of on the Real Estate Mavericks site that; Home sales is based on “Hope”. You put a sign up and hope someone comes along to buy it. This way, he says; “Homeowners lose up to 3% to 8% in reduced home selling prices.

Greg has developed a proverbial gold mine full of a wealth of information for up-and-coming Real Estate Agents. He has coined a 22 step program geared to change the mindset, focus and results for thousands of real estate agents that feel like they are just one of the pack, according to one woman interviewed on the video. The program empowers you to be not only a real estate agent whose strategies are of great efficacy but who will go on to become an “extraordinary” real estate agent as Greg puts it.

Real Estate Mavericks is a full-service website and coaching company. There is an intriguing story about the 29 day fast sale process. He candidly puts things in a story-telling way. His personality is captivating and his knowledge is great. Many attributes of Greg’s make him a “purple cow” in this field. He stands by his belief in how to sell your properties in a well-rounded and unconventional way. The article and the website talk about the sales techniques that other real estate agents are taught; the scripts they have to use and the drone type of hum-drum teachings that get you nowhere. Greg is very adept at bringing the hard-hitting truth about why real estate agents fail to be as successful as they can be.

One sentence that can sum up what Greg Hague’s Real Estate Mavericks is can be that this is not a norm. It’s a outside the box approach that you won’t get from any other coach. And you won’t get the full effect until you go to his site.

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