The Cost of Commercials

Have you ever wondered to yourself what it costs for commercials to be produced for television? Well, according to a recent article by Adweek, Kate Hudson has found a way to make it pretty cheap; her phone. According to the article, Hudson was looking for a new way to be able to promote her athletic clothing brand for women, Athletics, that would not take up a lot of time or break the bank. Because the athletics brand belongs to her, she is taking a great deal of interest in watching the budgets for the advertisements for the clothes which can be seen widely on television and social media websites like FACEBOOK. Her answer to a budget friendly option? Instagram.

Adweek reports that Kate has decided to start using her phone and her Instagram to start assembling the images being used in her latest commercial for the clothes. In reviewing recent ad results with her team on Pinterest, she realized that the apps that were performing best were those that featuring her sporting the stylish athletic wear. In the commercials, Hudson is featured performing a variety of various sports or just living her daily life comfortably and confidently in the clothes. She proudly displays the clothes as being for the every day woman that wants to live an active lifestyle, but also feel good about the way she looks. She stresses that the clothes are not only for woman that are in great shape, but for any woman that wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

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The commercial that she assembled herself using her phone can be found on the popular website youtube. You can view it by clicking on this link:

Hudson says that this new campaign has been designed to reflect how she lives her daily life but incorporate a social platform. She feels that this style would be effective because it would be able to grab customers on a more personal level and connect with them in a more personal way.

Fabletics hit the markets in 2013 and has been spearheaded since conception by Kate Hudson. Prior to the launch of the Fabletics brand, Kate Hudson has mostly been known for her successful acting career and for being the daughter of famed actors Goldie Haun and Kurt Russell. The Fabletics brand is not just any line of casual sweats and t-shirts. Instead, it is a well-cut line with poppy geometric prints and interesting cuts of sports bras and tops. The clothes of Fabletics are reasonably priced and often featured at special pricing for new members to sign up for the website. The site features a membership program that allows members to receive a regular shipment of a new outfit every month charged to their card.

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