Guarding Your Financial Health

Investment advisory services vary greatly, and consumers are well served to thoroughly research any advisors that they are considering. Additionally, multiple referrals, received from the potential advisor, need to be contacted and interviewed. According to a very informative article in the Wall Street Journal, financial advisors are a great resource, especially as you move up the career and investing ladder.

Richard Blair is one such trusted advisor that has a long and highly-regarded career. Mr. Blair is the Founder of Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment and Advisory Firm. Wealth Solutions services include all manner of Wealth Management, Financial Planning, and Retirement Planning.

Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas, where it was founded in 1994. During the ensuing years, Mr. Blair has continuously grown his client roster and now manages over $1MM for his clients. Richard Blair is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and working in partnership with his clients to help them increase their wealth, and plan for a comfortable retirement.

Blair utilizes three pillars to achieve financial health and prosperity for Wealth Solutions’s clients. The first is a financial roadmap that lays out the client’s current financial situation and their future goals, as well as their risk tolerance. These factors are critical to establish a clear understanding of expectations and create a path to success.

The second pillar is the development of a long-term investment strategy. It is here that the client’s current portfolio is reviewed and any potential changes or reallocations are discussed. Performance is tracked and measured against client expectations as well as market benchmarks.

The final pillar is the review of the client’s insurance needs. This step is essential in protecting the financial health and viability of the client portfolio. Included in this review are annuities, life insurance, and long-term care coverage.

These pillars have proven to be a successful approach to all-around financial health. One or two are not enough; a robust and profitable investment plan requires that all three pillars are in place. Regular reviews of clients’ financial and insurance portfolios is also a standard part of the Wealth Solutions service. There are many changes to our lives that have an immediate impact on financial strategies, and it is important to make the necessary adjustments when changes occur.

Richard and his very qualified team look forward to meeting with you to determine the best next steps for your successful wealth management.

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