Here’s How Fine Hair Holds Up to Cleansing Conditioner

Everyone with fine hair knows the struggle of trying to moisturize hair without weighing it down. If you focus too much on the cleansing and too little on the conditioning, you end up with a dry, frizzy head full of fly away. Focus too little on the cleansing and too much on the conditioning and you’re stuck with a lackluster, lifeless mess. So what happens when a cleansing conditioner is used on fine hair? Will it weigh down already struggling limp hair?’s Emily McClure decided to put her fine hair to the test with Wen by Chaz Dean.

Emily’s thin hair felt noticeably thicker before she had even rinsed the product out during her first use. Wen also strengthened the hair significantly, preventing Emily’s usual hair loss during the shower. Because Wen doesn’t completely strip the hair and scalp of moisture with the harsh chemicals found in most shampoos, Emily found she needed to cleanse her hair daily to prevent a build-up of naturally occurring oils. The gentle ingredients immediately transformed her frizzy strands into shimmering locks. During her 7 day experiment with the Amazon popular product, Emily discovered much softer and healthier hair than she started with, even garnering attention from her friends. Despite her reservations about the cleansing conditioner weighing her hair down, Emily’s fine hair ended up being undeniably bouncier and softer from the first wash. The verdict: Wen is thin hair approved! Check out Wen’s YouTube channel for more info. Learn the secret to beautiful hair:


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