What is the best case scenario for the new Brexit gold coin?

Predicting the future can be quite difficult, but that does not stop pundits from trying. Brexit is the law and represents the will of the British people. Brexit and the Cook Islands Brexit gold coin could represent a new beginning.

“1776 Independence”

There are two sides to every story and the American Revolution is a prime example. The American people respected the benefits of British law, but wanted to be free. The same could be said for Brexit.

There is no way that England will simply stop cooperating with the European Union. Brexit was not the end of a relationship, necessarily but possibly a redefining of said relationship. Perhaps, England can improve its long-term fortunes after this historic vote.

“2016 Independence”

Historians might note that there were 246 years between the US independence and the UK independence, along with about a week – July 4th versus June 23rd. The Cook Islands Mint has made a once-in-a-lifetime Brexit coin with the vote date clearly emblazoned on it. There is also an arrow pointing to an image of the English island on said gold coin.

US Money Reserve may offer the authentic Brexit 5 Dollar gold coin to help its clients save money in these uncertain times. The coin weight is 1/2 gram. The measurement is 0.433 inches (11 millimeters). It would be a nice addition to any numismatics collection.

“Why Buy Brexit Gold Coin?”

In 1976, the United States Mint made its own historic coins commemorating its bicentennial. The state quarters and presidential series also are important historical numismatics collection. Who knows – the Brexit gold coin might represent a new chapter in world history?

Surely, financial markets know that the world has changed. A student of history knows that Athens and Sparta no longer exist as empires. Likewise, the British Empire does not truly exist any longer.

The Brexit gold coin could represent both a new future and a return to the historical gold standard past. On the day after the vote, the gold price skyrocketed 8% amazingly.

Thankfully, US Money Reserve has always understood the value of gold; that is why it is offering its clients – a piece of history, a commemorative masterpiece and gold to protect their wealth. The best case scenario is that the Brexit gold coin could be a favorite amongst collectors. Only time will tell.
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