Doe Deere Helps Others Feel Magical

If there is one person who truly epitomizes bright colors, it’s Doe Deere. For those who aren’t familiar with her, Doe Deere is the woman who started a successful makeup company called Lime Crime. There is a reason people think bright when they hear Doe Deere’s name. It’s because of her gorgeous makeup. Deere has always been attracted to bright colors and when she started wearing them, it gave her a magical look.

Deere is a unique individual because she knew from a very early age that she wasn’t going to conform to how society says she should look. When she’d go shopping for makeup, she’d see that there weren’t many selections. Everything just kind of looked the same and that’s not what she wanted at all. She wanted a look that was unique and entirely her own. That’s why she started wearing unique shades of lip colors and bright hair. She soon realized that if she was frustrated with the lack of selection that other people probably were too. That’s how Lime Crime was born and it’s a company that has truly taken off. The products are available online and there is even a Look Book so people can draw inspiration from others who rock the products, not just from Deere herself.

Deere is the driving force behind Lime Crime. She’s an excellent business woman because she has that passion and drive. Deere is crazy about her makeup line which is why it’s so successful. She is truly the definition of Lime Crime. She wears the products and looks great doing so! It helps others to see that they can be unique too and wear whatever they feel confident in. That’s another reason Doe Deere started Lime Crime. She’s always seen makeup as a unique art form and she wanted products that reflected that.

Deere has had to deal with her fair share of criticism. That’s because when someone does something outside of the norm, others will attack because they’re not familiar with it. Despite all the hardships that have come from starting her own business, Deere has been immensely successful. Lime Crime has taken off and it’s now a household name among those who love makeup. Deere only sells products that she’s proud of and that she herself will wear. That’s why Lime Crime has all unique colors that are long lasting and glide on smoothly. These are the same products that help her complete her own flawless look.

Overall, Deere is a great business woman because she is selling something that is a direct reflection of herself. She’s selling something that will give others confidence and help them be happy because they’re embracing their own unique look. Deere knew she wanted to be a business woman ever since she was a young teenager in Russia. It’s great to see that she never lost that passion or drive and is now the face of individuality. Deere wants everyone to embrace their own inner look and be a magical unicorn.

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