Fabletics – stylish, comfortable workout apparel on autopilot

Opening brick and mortar stores may seem counter intuitive to the current trends in the consumer marketplace, but Fabletics is using their physical stores to give another level of customer service to their customers. Many traditional brick and mortar stores are losing customers to online businesses who sell the same items for cheaper. People will come into their stores and look at the items, but then find and purchase the items online. Fabletics is using this new way of shopping to their advantage. They are using their new physical stores to complement their online business. When their customers try items on in their stores, it also put the item in their online shopping cart. Then the customer can either buy in store or online for the same price. The stores simply offer the customer another level of customer service and allows Fabletics to get to know the communities they serve. They can then tailor the styles and clothing available to the trends of that community. Thirty to fifty percent of the customers that enter Fabletics stores are already members. The key is another twenty-five percent then sign up to become members in store, helping grow their loyal customer base.


Fabletics began when the CEO’s, with the help of Kate Hudson, saw that there was something lacking in the workout apparel industry. The industry had many high-end brands, but no stylish, trendy, yet affordable brands. With that in mind, Fablectics started a membership subscription based sales system. It has been highly successful and grown into a multi-million dollar business. Fablectics has been able to succeed in the highly competitive online clothing business, where Amazon owns twenty percent of the market.


When customers start with Fablectics, they take a survey, to help tailor their clothing to their individual likes and dislikes. This helps narrow down choices and customers are able to choose from clothes they are certain to love. They get a discounted outfit their first month and are also able to purchase items a la carte at discounted prices. They then pay a small monthly fee to have an outfit sent to them every month. If a customer does not want an outfit for the month, they simply choose to skip a month and pay nothing. This membership subscription model allows busy people to get stylish, trendy clothing without having to spend lots of time shopping. It comes shipped to their door, so they don’t have to worry about making one more stop in their daily lives. Clothing on autopilot.


Fabletics clothing is of the highest quality, rivaling those of much more expensive brands. Their clothing holds up and lasts through many workouts. They keep their shape, don’t lose compression, and don’t fade after many times through the wash. The clothes are so soft and comfortable, you never want to take them off! Their pants are also thick, so you don’t have to worry about see through problems. The quality that you get for the price paid simply cannot be matched by other workout apparel companies.

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